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Marlene Korczakowski Adams

                                             for  Freeholder in District 1  (Position 1)                                                                                                       

Dear Voters, Neighbors, and Friends:

I have learned a great deal about The Basics of Home Rule in Washington State, since writing my August Essay for the Voters' Pamphlet:

Initiative & Referendum  is far more accepted here than back in 2002 when Initiative and Referendum and a County Charter were both rejected by Clark County Voters. 
This is Great News! I am on record with ALL Freeholder Questionnaires that I have answered, including The Columbian (08-23-2013), and
The League of Women Voters (09-06-2013) for MY YES for Initiative & Referendum.   

Initiative & Referendum is a HOME RULE Basic in Washington State!  
It is found in all six of our County Charters in this state, and in Vancouver’s City Charter.   
I&R is a MUST for our Clark County Charter. 

Initiative 517 rains on Clark County’s Initiative & Referendum Parade even before it begins.   
Please Vote No on I-517.  Let’s also hope that common and civic sense prevails in King County!

Structure of Government.   Let’s Keep this Charter as Simple as Possible.  Meet our Basic Needs.  And Retain Voting & Representation Rights we already have.  We need two more commissioners, for the population growth we have experienced for the last fifteen and more years.  1990 Washington State Law gives non-charter counties of 300,000+ population the right to adopt a 5-Commissioner System.  The 2010 Census counted over 424,000 people in Clark County. 

Why not be the first county in Washington State to USE the 5-Commissioner System,
and to combine it with the flexibility of a Home Rule Charter to reform it and tweak it to our needs?   

We solve the Quorum Problem.  We reduce Alpha Personality issues, including the Eccentric Genius Commissioner.
Five increases representation, yet keeps the bill as low as possible for taxpayers. 
Five really doesn’t permit much hiding behind others, but is probably sufficient to help discussion of ideas.

Beware Disenfranchisement.   My biggest worry regarding the One Elected County Executive Model being advanced is that it can only work in big population counties if we the voters are walled off from each other into separate isolated Total-In-District-Voting Gerrymandered Districts.  

The commissioners will be reduced to puppet legislators. 
But WE the People will be robbed of our Voting Rights! 

Right now we each get to vote for 1 County Commissioner in the Primary and 3 County Commissioners in the November General Election.  The model advanced by ClarkForward uses a system where we vote In-District, both in the primary and in the general election, for only 1 Counselor, period.

Politicians love dividing and conquering us by walling us into separate and safe gerrymandered districts. 
Please don’t let us go down this Disenfranchisement Path.  

You have been most diligent and most kind if you have read even a bit of what I have written here.   

Thank You.


Marlene K. Adams   

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